Download the mobile app Trips and Tickets

  • Book your trips conveniently around the clock using the free app.
  • You can track the location of your bus and combine different trips and means of transport easily by adding a start and end address.
  • By using Trips and Tickets you can easily combine INGSVAs traffic.
  • The tickets can conveniently be paid by saving the details of your payment card in the app.
  • Can also be paid with Apple Pay/Google Pay. 

Example trip Jakobstad – Helsinki:
Vippari from your home address + the train bus from Jakobstad + the Train + Helsinki local traffic HSL
All this can be done in the app and all of our traffic can be combined in an easy way.

More information: Matkahuolto
Download the app: Play-store / AppStore


A telephone with travel cards flying at it. Text: The travelcards are moving in to the phone.