Operates from January 15 to March 15, 2024.


1.50 € per trip for employees with subsidized tickets from their employer.

2.00 € per trip for the general public and when paying on board.

A 10-ride series ticket can also be purchased for 15 € or 20 € through the mobile app Trips & Tickets.

Tickets purchased in the app are valid for 60 minutes from the time of purchase or from the default usage time.

Employees working for companies that subsidize bus tickets with the Alholmen bus receive a code from their employer. The code should be entered into the Trips & Tickets app to purchase the subsidized ticket (download the app: learn more). Download the app and log in. Go to the homepage -> press “more” (the three dots in the lower right corner) -> choose “Enter code” and add the code. Go back to the homepage. There, the subsidized ticket can be purchased either by selecting “single ticket” or “season and series ticket”. Choose the validity period of the ticket; the ticket is valid for 60 minutes from the selected validity time. The employee can purchase a single or series ticket, and the ticket must always be activated upon boarding.

Download the app: learn more

Schedule and Route

06:20 Doppingvägen/Fallvägen, intersection
06:22 Fallvägen/Lomvägen, intersection
06:24 Baggholmsvägen/Vinkelvägen, intersection
06:26 Fogdevägen (Treffis backside)
06:27 Fogdevägen (Hårkiosken)
06:29 Rådhusgatan/Pörkenäsgatan, bus stop
06:31 Rådhusgatan 20, bus stop
06:33 Herrholmsgatan/Kanalesplanaden, intersection
06:35 Alholmsgatan (outdoor stage, school park), bus stop
06:36 Christinegatan (Marjala daycare)
06:39 Alholmsvägen (Vega), bus stop
06:42 Alholmsvägen (Wilhelmina), bus stop
06:44 Baltic
06:48 NCE
06:50 Nautor (main entrance)
06:55 UPM (Eastern gate)

Corresponding return schedule starting at 15:35 UPM (Eastern gate), 15:40 Nautor (main entrance), 15:42 NCE, and 15:46 Baltic. Exception: NOT via Alholmsgatan (outdoor stage) on the return; instead, the bus continues straight and stops if needed at the intersection Concordiagr./Visasbacken (near the park).

Subject to changes.

Welcome aboard!